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SHEFRIN & ASSOCIATES endeavors to match the proper consultant with each client. Our firm is principally organized to provide consulting services and technical assistance in all areas of private school organization and management.


Preparing an Institution for Sale
Perhaps you are not yet ready to sell your school. Maybe you have continued enthusiasm for serving your students or simply feel the school’s valuation has not yet reached your goal. Regardless, there are steps you can take now to raise your enterprise value, thus making selling in the future more profitable.

SA is pleased to partner with Debra Jonsson (this is the correct spelling) and her organization, Principled Education Group (PEG). Debra has over 20 years of experience in growing profitable education institutions across diverse sectors of education. PEG can help you with a variety of matters in operations, but is especially adept at assisting school owners with readying the institution for sale.

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Faculty Development and Student Learning Assessment
Now a mission critical area and one that will help schools with accreditation and outcomes.

SA is proud to partner with Dr. Sue Roe, the Manager-Member of The Roe Group Enterprises, LLC which for over 18 years has focused on individual and work performance, workforce and professional development, assessment, evaluation, training/instructional design, and faculty development.

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Accreditation Compliance and Quality Assurance:
Assistance with applications, annual reports, changes of ownership, self studies, responses and reports, ongoing compliance help. We customize programs to help schools seek initial, or to review, accreditation. On-site assistance is also available.

School Operations and Management:
Operational due diligence assessments are a key strength of our firm. In addition, we provide help navigating the various requirements associated with buying and selling schools, staffing your key vacancies and planning for the future.

Program Development
New programs are required to replace formerly successful programs that are either saturated or no longer are in favor. New programs bring new enrollments and new demographics.

90-10 Solutions through Acquisition
This is an area that is becoming more mature in recent years. Small cash based schools being acquired and integrated in a way that helps Title IV schools to meet the onerous 90-10 law.

Lender/Investor Advisement
To invest or not to invest in the career college sector