SHEFRIN & ASSOCIATES has a distinguished history in assisting both sellers and buyers in the purchase and sale of private career colleges throughout the United States.

Our clients frequently come to us to obtain the answers to these important questions: What is my school worth in today’s market? Where can I go to acquire a school that fits with my investment strategy?


Prospective Buyers may view a summary listing of our new opportunities here. To obtain more detailed information on current schools and colleges for sale or investment, qualified parties may contact us at:

Our process is designed to assist Buyers with these transactions, including preparation of a prospectus in our secure data room on each listing, which includes the following:

  • Executive Summary, which covers accreditation, EBITDA analysis, credentials given, financial statements, financial aid audits and default.

  • Complete 90/10 Analysis, Enrollment/Lead Data, Leases, and other relevant materials.


By leveraging our broad industry knowledge and expertise, our sell side clients are better prepared to navigate through the complexity of listing, marketing and selling their school to obtain the best possible outcome. And our deep industry network offers school owners introductions to a comprehensive roster of potential buyers.

College owners interested in learning more about what their school could be worth in today’s marketplace may contact us here, or use our Confidential School Valuation Worksheet.

All information submitted will be held in the strictest confidence.